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Dr. Darren J. McAulay

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Dr. Darren J. McAulay has been walking, rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing and snowboarding throughout Scotland (and World-wide) for over 25 years. The majority of this time has been spent in the Scottish Highlands although work has taken him to New Zealand, California, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Nepal, France, Spain and Italy. In winter 2008-9 Darren spent 3 months in Antarctica guiding on Mt. Vinson (the highest peak on the continent) and leading a ski group to the South Pole. This guiding work was with Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions/Adventure Network International. Nov 2009-Feb 2010 saw a second season on the Antarctic continent - with Mt. Vinson again being the main focus. However, Darren also explored further in to the Ellsworth Mountain range, visiting Mt. Tyree (2nd highest), climbing a new route on Mt. Fordell and leading an unique 250km ski expedition from the Vinson Massif back to the Patriot Hills camp (via Hercules Inlet, the edge of the continent).

Since receiving a PhD from UMIST (Manchester) in 1992, Darren has been involved in the guiding and instruction of all the above mentioned mountain related activities as well as co-ordinating Geological Field Studies. He is a Full Member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) having gained MIA status in August 1999. More recently (June 2006) Darren successfully joined the British Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML), an Internationally recognised organisation promoting the leading of overseas treks and activities. Darren also qualified for instructional awards for skiing and snowboarding both in the UK and USA.

Darren started his own outdoor Company "Hebridean Pathways" in 1999 being based on the Isle of Skye. Due to the growing recognition and popularity of Guiding and Instruction in Scotland, since 2003 Hebridean Pathways has benefited from the additional skills and knowledge of Ron Davison (Skye), Bill Strachan (Scotch on the Rocks Guiding) and Keith Gault (Hillways Guiding) during the busier times of the year. In addition since establishing a base in Le Chazelet, La Grave in the French Alps (in 2004) new opportunties have been available under the name Montagnard Activities. Subsequently work horizons have constantly widened with the result that Darren now spends the year wandering the globe guiding in Scotland, the French Alps, the Peruvian Andes, Chile, Nepal and Antarctica


Darren aims to offer informative and enjoyable activities all set in the unique grandeur of the Isle of Skye, the French Alps and Worldwide - operating all year round!